(270) – The Day Of Arafah

Today is the day of Arafah, the best day ever. I don’t want to talk much so you enjoy the pictures and the links I’m going to share now with you telling you every little detail about Arafah Day, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂









Live from Arafat mountain: http://www.islamchannel.tv/


2 thoughts on “(270) – The Day Of Arafah

  1. I know this day has to do with Muhammad and his sermon towards the end of his life, but doesn’t it also circle around Abraham and the sacrifice as well? My doctor-boss was very excited today to go to Mosque because he said everyone would be dressed in all white and praying double time today. It’s very nice to see him get excited about these things. I’ve never seen a man that shows his appreciation and love of God more than my boss does.

    • Yes, it does circle around Abraham. The whole pilgrimage rituals have something to do with Abraham’s story as a prophet. I can share links with you if you’d like to now more.

      I like that your boss is excited about going to the mosque and loving God. It actually reminds me of a statement I read yesterday that urges the parents to teach their kids how to love God, I mean Allah, regardless of their religion. It’s such an important issue I mean to lead the younger generation to the light and help them discover the truth. 🙂

      Happy Eid to you and your boss. 🙂

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