(268) – Tomorrow Is A Big Day


I’m sitting on the pavement and looking at the stars while writing this post. It’s dark, chilly and quiet. The sky is clear, street is empty and wind is blowing.

I can hear a woman calling her daughter to study for tomorrow’s exam which reminds me of why I’m here at this particular moment.

Tomorrow, I have an exam and need to pass it. I’ve been studying hard for a week but still i’m feeling like I should study more. I’m really fed up with the exam, ive done my best but not completely sure of it. Im afraid; I don’t want to get an F because that’d cost me 4 months more at the university. The problem is that everyone’s in my family expecting me to graduate soon. I dont want to fail my mom and dad, they dont deserve it. They’ve never said a word to me regarding my low GPA ,they’re pushing me impatiently to graduate so they can afford to spend a bit of money on themselves. I can’t let them wait again, they dont have to, yet they wouldn’t let me go on my own.

It’s 10 p.m. Time to go to bed, wish me luck, tomorrow is a big day… I shall pass, if Allah wills it.


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