(267) – Everything Has Its Time

One fact of life I’m pretty sure about is that everything has its time. You don’t get what you want when you’re ready but when you’re well-prepared to have to it, to enjoy it and most importantly, to appreciate it. You may work harder than everyone else, yet, you never get the results you’re expecting or even at the time you want. Well, the reason is relative but I think it’s all meant to come at the right time.

What made me say that is that I’ve been learning English and aiming to speak the language fluently for almost 3 years now. I’ve tried almost every possible effective way to learn more vocabularies and responses. I have listened to thousands of videos and watched hundreds of movies and all without subtitles in order to help my mind recognize the words I read in the dictionary everyday. Besides, I’ve had online conversations with hundreds of native speakers and felt embarrassed so many times chatting with them but still I am committed to my goals.

You have no idea how passionate I am about the language, how interesting and awesome it is to me when I communicate in English either if it’s online or offline. I always try to surround myself with native speakers and meet friends who speaks good English. I’m always alert to learn new phrases; my mobile phone is full of notes written in English; sometimes it’s a new word I heard on the tv or read in a book, an idea of a blog, a technique to practice English more…

The problem is that the ones who don’t want a something or don’t care about something usually get it. One of my cousins is a Marine engineer and works in Abu Dhabi, the entire crew he works with speaks English except him. He’s been in the company for 7 months now yet still can’t speak the language. My uncle lives in New York and works there but he can’t say a word of English. As for me, I’m stuck among people who speak Arabizi which is a combination of Arabic and English only Jordanians know; I mean they use English mistakenly with Arabic at the same time which results in something; yes, something you never understand.

This is not a bother to me anymore, I am not going to stop, I am not going to give up on my passion because I believe everything has its time and my time will come but I hope it doesn’t take long…


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