(265) – Speaking Of Journeys



Well, well, well… Is it true? it should be.

I don’t think i’m weirdo or a daydreamer, though I used to but now i’m beginning to understand the fact that nobody should really understand what you have in mind because it’s your own decision, your independent way of thinking.

Admittedly, I can’t actually find friends who relate to my dreams and future plans. I don’t dare to share unless i’m pretty sure we’re on the same page. Even my closest buddies, unfortunately, failed to support me on the way up, they were focusing on personal benefits. It got me to argue with them on different occasions but now I don’t care and just want to stay focused.

My only source of hope is Allah and that the world revolves around none of us. I have a few weak spots but a stronger faith and a determined soul. I’ma make it one day, so are you! It’s SELF-MOTIVATION, they say!


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