(264) – Longing For A Weekend

It’s funny how I was completely free and thoughtless last week, so suddenly, I can’t find any time to even see my family this week. I have a training course three days a week from 8 am – 5 pm, two days at university for 9 hours everyday and an incomplete exam next week. Plus, I’m reading two books; The Art Of Seduction and another one on the life of our prophet Mohammed PBUH. I’m also trying to keep up with learning English including new phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, speaking and listening exercises.

I can’t deny it’s better sometimes to have a full schedule but I’d rather be doing something more enjoyable, more into my passion for reading and languages. This actually reminds me of how hard I need to work to be the one I want to be, to have a job I love so I never get to work a day in my life.

Today, I’m truly longing for the next weekend. I want to wake up in the morning, stay in bed and think about nothing. Zzz…


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