(259) – I Have A Question



I believe in the life after death and that everyone of us will be asked and judged about everything we have/get through this mortal life either if it’s money, time, health… etc.

My question is: will Allah ask us about our minds? about our intellectual abilities? about the times we didn’t think things over or make the right decision? will Allah ask those lunatics who just want to live without giving it a second thought? will they be burning in hell because they were given something to live with when all they did was to put it aside and act instinctively? what about the ones who know the truth or the right thing yet choose to ignore it? why do people who live according to a principle have to put up with such sick society?

I live in a society that pays thousands for education but spends nothing on manners. They think if you have a university degree then it’s all what it takes to be civilized, modern and successful. People here don’t realize it’s the small things that make a difference; they can’t get that when you throw a paper in the street, you’re littering your country -because you know, it’s just one paper- they’d say. Everyone says “why me?!” the question that I think is stupid to be discussed or even thought of. Everyone think he/she is right and the others are wrong. Everyone keeps preaching all the time yet forgets to criticize themselves.

Man, we put signs on the roads, ads in the newspaper, share pages on Faecbook and raise awareness by all means, the people read and share but nobody understands; we have a problem with understanding and applying what we say. It’s making me sick to my stomach every time I have to say a word of advice but ain’t that what we’re here for?!


Allah, Have mercy on us, please!


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