(257) – I’m Not All Ears

Every person either a male or a female has a certain type of character. We are created in such a way so we get to deal with each other, learn and grow. The best feeling is to give; money, advice or even time. Most people out there need your time, your attention and ears. They just want to talk, to vent and to complain. I was always this person who wouldn’t mind to give you an ear, to listen and give an advice. I think it’s part of my “purpose” to help others and make them feel better about themselves.

It started back in school; I had a dear friend who used to tell me everything about his life with his family and how it felt. I was always supportive and helpful and he appreciated my efforts. Then, as I grew up, this habit of listening grew deeper inside of me and I was improving my advice all the time. My friends at university also chose me to vent to, to dump their issues on me because I was truly a good listener.

Years later, again, this habit was growing stronger and becoming a part of me. People would just start talking and I’d give them the space to talk because it somehow helps me understand them and gives me more confidence especially when I have nothing to talk about. The problem began last year when I noticed that some friends of mine thought I didn’t have an opinion or a personality; they’d just keep talking and talking for the sake of it. Some used to and still try to outsmart me with their ability of speaking nonsense, They have no problem with interrupting me or jumping to another subject even when I have more to tell. Others used me to just “vent”; I was told lately by a friend whom I thought was going out with me because of me that he just wants somebody to JUST listen to him. It was like slapping me across the face, I was shocked, completely.

Adding insult to the injury, I’ve found out recently that I keep repeating the same words of advice because I keep listening to the same complaints because nobody ever listens to me. It was rude of my friends to not take my advice, why do they talk to me and ask for my opinion then? Why do I have to put up with all this when you’re not going to listen? I don’t want you to hear me, I want you to understand. At some point before I discovered this shocking reality I was asking my friend if he really listens to me because we have the same conversation everyday, it’s insane!

After all I’ve done, I was called to be preaching and pretending to know the solutions and that’s why I decided I am not all ears anymore. I’m not willing to think about your problems even when i’m with my family to come up with proper solutions then you ignore me and not listen. I deserve your respect, your appreciation at least. I can listen if only you want to listen back. Otherwise, I’ma let you regret it, dude.



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