(255) – Word Of The Day

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” -Albert Einstein

We read so many quotes everyday on The Social Networks which I think is annoying; you don’t get enough time to mull it over, to comprehend the words said and apply it to you life or even relate to an experience you’ve been through which is undoubtedly the best way ever to absorb the real meaning of it. However, some quotes are catchy and never let you to just skim it.

It happened with me tonight while surfing the web. I am having a few problems regarding my attitude. Let me try at first to explain what “attitude” means to me; it’s about having an independent character, thoughts and abilities to react with the world outside, with people around us. It also includes our opinions, every experience we go through and the decisions we make.

At a younger age, attitude comes from the parents, we need our families to raise us in a proper way that will help us during the first years of school, we need to be introduced to almost everything we can understand before we get into school and start learning how to write and read. Then school follows where all the kids should learn how to have a personality, how to understand our bodies, ourselves and start realizing bigger facts about the world. It’s like everything else, a step by step. One of the most important things is READING, the factor that I really missed when I was a kid. I wasn’t taught WHY to study or WHY to read books, all I wanted was to get high grades because it’s the right thing. I don’t want to blame anybody, it’s a different story but what I am trying to say is that reading will open our kids’ eyes to multiple aspects of life. When kids learn to read, it’s like giving them an open book on everything they want; they wouldn’t have to wait for others to express themselves so the kids would quote them or just imitate what they see. Books would surely help you find yourself and have an attitude.

The point with the quote above mentioned, is that I keep ignoring or let me say “avoiding” a few parts of the outer world saying it doesn’t interest me which in case affects my attitude and that certainly reflects badly on my character as a whole person. At some levels, it may become a fear and a challenge that may have been easily defeated at younger ages. I am going through all of this because two years and a half, I really had no attitude at all, I was just misguided by my thoughts, the thing that I still can’t deal with today or I’m trying to say the least.

We need attitude, we need independent, thoughtful and creative characters. The thing with the Arabs today is that we aren’t educated though we have lots of certificates. We simply lack ATTITUDE.


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