(253) – My Belly Fat

It’s funny how overweight men like to brag about their big bellies thinking it’s something they should be proud of. It even happened to me when I was younger; I always thought a big belly would impress my mates, give me a confident look and help me stand out among my people. Well, my theory on big guts was proved wrong after I gained many additional pounds last year.

My body is the type that keeps fat in the belly area, so with every pound I win, my belly gets bigger and bigger. It looked cool at the beginning but now I’m having a problem with my clothes; I’m tall with a small round belly hanging over. It’s awkward and bad looking. It makes me laugh every time I put on a shirt,merely talking about it makes me grin. In all honesty, it didn’t give me any bit of confidence at all, I’d rather be fit and capable of running 10 miles without stopping on having this hanging belly.

Things got even worse when I made the decision of losing weight. The first thing came to my mind was dinner or late night meals; I decided I should stop eating anything except fruits 5 hours before I go to bed but what you don’t know is that we have three meals during the day; breakfast which I usually miss because I don’t like to eat or say a word in the morning. Then we have lunch; it usually is my only meal for the day because my mom isn’t a dinner woman, she’s trying to be healthy too and this is how we miss our dinner.

I’ve been off from university since July 24th, I couldn’t get a job so i’m staying up all night resisting this desire for food and desserts, it’s too hard, I believe. I have never thought I’d be craving food this much one day. I used to think it’s just a matter of yes or no but it’s not easy, apparently.

I don’t want to live healthy because overweight looks inappropriate. On the contrary, living healthy is personal but it sure helps us feel better about who we are. The most difficult sort of challenges we face is the personal one; to overcome your own boundaries and face your fears is the step we all need to start with. And as the new song by Eminem goes “GUTS OVER FEAR”




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