(249) – Lovin’ You – M&A

The title is dedicated to express a recent love story, a story of two lovers met over the web and immediately fell in love with each other’s smile. They both come from two different worlds, one in the east and one in the west, different backgrounds, thoughts and beliefs but only love could help them meet and agree. Everyone thinks the other is gorgeous, everyone has their own intentions and plans to end up in each other’s arms and love till there’s no more love left in the world. Someone’s talking about marriage while the other is concerned about the future and afraid. Someone has many limits because he gets easily attached to pretty faces, the other is so pushing forward and wants to travel in time to the moment when they meet.

Music did not have mercy on them; they’re both playing good romantic music all the time and thinking, thinking of the moment they kiss, hug and cuddle in the same warm bed. Holding hands, caressing their sexy bodies, staring into each other’s colored eyes and deeply breathing while having the most adorable kind of fun any two lovers would ever have.

The story is not complete yet. I have no idea if it’ll ever be due to endless challenges they have to overcome but love will always be there…


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