(247) – Please, Keep Writing…



I haven’t written any single word in almost three weeks. I wasn’t in a good mood and it lasted for a couple of days then my cousin came from New York and he speaks English perfectly  so that somehow confused me a little bit and made me do things I regret now.

I’ve tried watching movies and go out with friend to change my moods and get to feel better but nothing actually worked until I stumbled upon this little saying tonight. I was trying to share meaningful and thoughtful blogs, I didn’t want my writings to be cliche, I wanted it to make a complete sense but I was wrong, apparently.

I realized I should keep writing to become more familiar with the words, to learn how to trust my words and have a way with them. Writing maybe be a talent for some people, but it’s like everything else in terms of practice.

I’m happy because I can write again. I admit it’s a blessing to be able to write and share my thoughts on WordPress. I can’t deny I don’t stop thinking about blogging and my life as a writer so I’m going to push harder now and give myself the time to grow up and inspire the world around me.


4 thoughts on “(247) – Please, Keep Writing…

    • Yes, you are right. We need a break sometimes but not a long one, it’d be difficult to get in the writing mode again, at least with me. Have a nice weekend, Violet. 🙂

  1. Like you, I haven’t written anything meaningful in some time. And, it’s all because of a plot element. I allowed it to stymie my efforts. Thanks for sharing these words. I know I must get back to it and write. Write anything. I wish you good luck with your writing. It’s good to see you back on the blog, too!

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