(243) – Speaking Of Allah

Belief is a very significant and personal issue in everyone’s life. Religions never imposed belief, it’s optional and only you can decide whether to believe or not.

During the last two years, I’ve decided I don’t want to talk about religion or discuss the existence of Allah with anyone because some people find it interesting to be stubborn when they know they’re wrong. I thought I’d be a mover, a man of a message, to call other non-believers to believe in Allah or at least introduce them to Allah but I was wrong, apparently. People don’t want to hear the truth, or give up their joys/challenges/fears due to belief, they find it easier to avoid the whole matter of it and JUST LIVE. There’s nothing called “just live” we “just live” when we want to motivate our desperate friends and try to give them hope, we tell them to just live so we can help them survive and not go suicidal but things are way deeper than “just live”.

I’m really astonished how some people can clearly “doubt” the existence of Allah! What’s more, they are well-educated and have been through many life experiences that had everything to do with their belief, yet they don’t admit the truth. The excuse is always “they didn’t feel like it or where’s Allah? why doesn’t He interfere and stop this injustice?” Belief takes surrender, surrender takes determination and determination needs you to admit that something’s wrong.

Personally, Allah means generosity, greatness and perfection. I close my eyes to feel His greatness, look around to see His generosity and live with people to discover His perfection.

One thought on “(243) – Speaking Of Allah

  1. Ah, one of the great arguments other than politics will always be religion. I’ve lost many friends over this. I have quite a few Atheist friends and we respect one another despite our religious differences. One of my favorite arguments is when they tell me “I don’t believe in God.” and I say “Well, you believe in something.” And they look at me like I’m crazy and say “I don’t believe in anything. I believe in Science.” And I lean in toward them and say “But the point is – you believe in something. Don’t think you’re so unique and ‘out of the crowd’ because you don’t believe in God.”

    A lot of my friends go out and witness to others and are very determined to ‘spread the word’ …. I don’t use that approach. I believe in other people seeing how I live my life and wanting to follow that life. I have had many people ask me how I’m so strong because of the hardships I’ve been through. I tell them that I have God on my side and I always will, no matter what happens. I had someone tell me one time that because I believed in something that I can’t see, I was stupid. I said “Do you feel the wind when it blows?” …. of course they said yes. I said “Can you see the wind?” and they tried to get scientific with how they can see the effects of the wind. The wind blows, the tree’s move, the leaves blow across the parking lot. I smile and say “It’s the same with God. I feel Him moving and shaping my life in ways that nothing else could ever do.” …. and they never have a response. I just usually get an eyeroll. It’s okay, though. All we can do (even in our religious differences) is pray for others and live our lives in such a way that others want to live theirs like us, too.

    I hope you have a great day of eating and giving thanks 🙂

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