(241) – What It Means To Be A BOOKWORM

Unless you’re an avid reader or someone who loves reading books day in and day out, you wouldn’t know what it truly means to be a bookworm.

Reading taught me how to have two different lives at the same time; one with your family and friends, the other with the book you’re currently reading. A good book is the one that gets hold of you, catches your eye and let you feel its warmth and beauty. The smell of paper, the stacks of books in my room and the marvelous titles of all good books are what make me love reading.

Reading is addictive. Writing and reading complete each other like a perfect couple. A writer must be a reader at first, so they can be able to radiate the inspiration and let others feel the depth and true value of reading.

There’s only one bad thing I loathe -sarcasm intended- about reading, it’s attachment. Just like most of the readers, I get attached to the characters and consequence of events, it all becomes a part of my life. It’s like living in two different worlds at the same time with completely different characters. Troubles begin when you’re reading the final few chapters; you don’t want the story to come to an end and you cannot stop reading because you’re so excited to know what happens and having so many imaginations on how it ends.

I found this video on the web a couple of weeks ago. I knew I’d need to share it at WordPress and speak to your hearts dear bookworms but I was just waiting for the right moment and since I haven’t read anything in almost 2 weeks, I think I should share this now and let you know that I’m still attached to Pet Semetary


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