(239) – I’m Too Sleepy To Write


It’s the 25th of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting in Islam. It’s been interesting so far, we fast the whole day from dawn until sunset in the evening, approximately 16 hours. Weather was extremely hot at the beginning of the month then it cooled off so thirst is somehow bearable.

The problem is with sleeping; since it’s summer and kids are off from school, they stay up the whole night and sleep during the day for at least 12 hours, I mean we became more of bats. This is not healthy for the mind or even the body, sleeping during the day does not give you the same amount of energy the night does. You lose your concentration and balance, bad moods and headaches as well as exhaustion all day. well, that would also affect your religious habits because you’re too tired to bear the hunger or thirst which means you can’t focus on reading the Quran or pray the whole night.

I’ve tried to break the whole routine thing and force my family to adapt a healthier lifestyle but neighbors and everyone else around us just don’t get that, and that’s why gave up and followed the herd! My schedule is very messed up now; I go to sleep at 5.30 a.m. and wake up at 2 p.m. that’s not fair because as I mentioned previously it doesn’t give your body sufficient energy to work up the whole day. my mood is not helping as well, so I do nothing until Iftar -the first meal after fasting- at 8 p.m. when I’m done with food, the headache phase begins because you eat too much because you can’t focus on what you eat because your mind is resting at a time it shouldn’t be resting so it takes me at least 4 hours to digest the food and start feeling better. Now it’s midnight, I want to live my life, write blogs -reading is impossible- check my emails but my friends want to go out for Suhoor -the second meal after Iftar- so I go out with them and come back home at around 4 in the morning then go to sleep again.

This is pretty much my day. We do nothing actually, at times it gets really worse. My biggest problem is that I’ve been going through many deep thoughts and I need to write them all down and publish more posts but I truly can’t make time for writing and thinking of my posts.

Today, I am awake at 8 a.m. because of my brother’s alarm, I’m too sleepy to write a post, I even didn’t know what I’m writing but I think I have to because I’m missing it so much and don’t want to stop this flow of ideas, so please, excuse my English in the upcoming few posts, I’m too sleepy to write.


5 thoughts on “(239) – I’m Too Sleepy To Write

  1. Eid al-Fitr is Monday, right? My boss is Muslim and the guy that is our summer receptionist is as well. I catch him dozing throughout the day while sitting up front. He said it’s because he get’s up to eat at three in the morning, goes back to sleep until 7 and then once he gets off work he goes home to sleep until sunset then he pigs out and prays until later into the night/early morning hours.

    All I know is that I will be the only one in my office on Monday (we aren’t seeing any patients that day) because my boss and our summer receptionist are going to be breaking bad on some food and celebration and normal hours of sleep. lol

    • Oh yes, I feel them! LOL

      this meal at 3 in the morning is called Suhoor, it gives you sufficient energy to run throughout the day. when Ramadan comes in summer, sleeping is a serious problem because day is too long and night is too short. Besides, part of the traditions is praying through the night when everyone else is asleep, it’s kind of dedication and loyalty to Allah, to show him that you would pray all times to get his acceptance.

      Eid is probably on Monday or Tuesday, it depends on the moon and you can’t announce it until Sunday evening but since we’ve been fasting 29 days for the last few years, there’s a big chance it’s Monday.

      Thank you so much for your comment, this is so kind of you and I like that you’re aware of the adventures we go through in Ramadan.

      oh, by the way, did you ask your boss for the Eid sweets? it’s called Kae’k or Ma’amool, you should try it. Have a great day. 🙂

      • Last year he brought in this dough-balls soaked in honey. They were REALLY good.

        I love learning about other religions. I’m Christian but I find the differences between the religions fascinating. God is God, whether you call Him that or Allah or Yahweh or whatever else. My boss and I get into very in depth discussions after hours – I think he even knows my bible better than I do … and I have read some interesting passages from the Quran.

      • I think the sweet you’re talking about is called Qatayef… LOL

        Well, I love talking about other religions too, hear what people think of their religion, know more about their beliefs and tell them about what I think is right. You never know when the sign you’re waiting for comes, our words may inspire and guide our friends and people to the right path, that’s why we shouldn’t keep it unsaid.

        I used to think saying Allah or God is the same but sometimes I feel like Christians think Jesus is their God which made me use the word Allah more frequently in order to let others know that I believe in one and only God, the greatest and the merciful, Allah.
        We regardless of our religion need respect and vision to overcome the religious conflicts the world is going through nowadays. Whether Muslim or Christian, we come fro the same place.

        Have a blessed Friday. 🙂

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