(237) – TALK TO ME

I woke up without internet access today and have nothing to do, so I decided to turn on the TV and watch something interesting though I wasn’t sure of it because I don’t like TV anyhow.

I was going through the movie channel and saw there was a movie about to begin, so I waited and it was Talk To Me. Actually, I saw the ad a couple of days ago, it seemed good but I didn’t think I’d like to watch the movie. The 5 first minutes of the movie were so good, I kept watching and was paying more attention every minute. You have to know that I’m not fully aware of the US history or Martin Luther King Jr, only a few headlines. Well, the movie has aroused my curiosity to read more history and know what the last generation has been through and why we are where we are now. I’ve been waiting for some sort of a sign to start reading history because I’d really love to, this is it, I think.

There are many points to be discussed about the movie, I’m not going to cover but few points. I guess I agree with Petey Green when he rejected The Tonight Show. I’m not sure how famous and important is the show for the Americans but Mr. Green apparently was an ordinary man, driven by a cause and could care less about money and fame because it would’ve destroyed his reality, his true character and voice.

The second point I loved about the movie when Mr. Dowey could succeed again even after the conflict between him and Mr. Green. Our success is our responsibility, we can’t rely our happiness on others and attach ourselves to our people. Everyone’s in charge of their own and responsible for their lives.

One more thing, I don’t underestimate the power of love and still agree on the fact that LOVE and FEAR are tow big urges to get us on the move. Give love, give life.




2 thoughts on “(237) – TALK TO ME

  1. I haven’t seen this movie, but now thanks to you, I want to! I remember those days so very well. As the months and years passed I had great hope for the future of my country. Sadly, that hope has been pretty much destroyed by subsequent events. I’m so happy you are now getting into history. I will always be happy to share ideas and information with you!

    • oh yes! It was a dark period of time, I suppose. If there’s anything I’d like to add on the movie, is that you should see it ASAP. I didn’t think it’d be that good.

      Understanding history will definitely help us understanding the present, let me know if you recommend any history books. 🙂

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