(235) – My Family Thinks I’m Stupid

Actually, yes they do. After I was the smartest kid at the house, I’m not considered to be stupid and irresponsible of my life just because I couldn’t graduate from university by the specified time.

It’s more hard than offensive to be thought of that way. You can get over offense when you know you’re not what others think of you. However, you still have to deal with the current situation and that’s why it’s hard.

I’m kind of people who like to keep things off the radar. I mean, I don’t like discussing my future plans in public or even with my family or friends. I believe i’m more capable of achieving my dreams and goals on my own. If i need a help, i’d ask for it. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to be aware of my personal life. My mom doesn’t know anything about my post graduation plans or what i’d like to be in the future. She doesn’t even know what i’m doing at university now and why i’m doing it. She avoids talking to me about my studying or university life because I’ve let her down. Yet, she’s not assuming that I may have bigger plans for the near future.

Sometimes, I don’t blame my family for what they think of me because they barely have money to pay for my tuition fees but all I got to say is that it happens.

I’m not going to prove to anyone i’m not what they think of me, I just need to focus on graduation now and be able to prove to myself I can be who I want to be. Perhaps, I’m not meant to be an engineer as my family wants but they’ll realize soon that I have a dream and I’m still smart.


4 thoughts on “(235) – My Family Thinks I’m Stupid

    • I will do, Jalal, I will do.

      A friend of mine told me once that I over react my failures and pay no attention to my achievements, I am beginning to learn how to be even more positive and always look at the half full of the cup. 🙂

  1. I’ve known you long enough to know that you are anything but stupid. Cling to your dreams, my friend, and one day those who harbor bad thoughts about you will feel shame that they didn’t have faith in you.

    • I am still going and will not give in. I’m beginning to learn how to focus and let go of what others say, especially here Jim, we talk, and talk and talk but we never do.

      As for my family, there’s a lot to tell you but not online. LOL 🙂

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