(234) – Why Arabs Have No Identity

One of the most impressive things for me about the world cup was the crowd; people were gathering from all over the world to support their teams and if they were not expected to win the cup but somehow they have an identity. The ones who couldn’t go to Brazil were gathering every night in public areas and cheer for their team enthusiastically because they love their country and support it all the way long.

Meanwhile in the Arab countries, a Qatari citizen who owns Al-Jazeerah Broadcasting Company has changed its name into beIN Sports and blocked every sports TV channel. The company coded the new receivers, blocked every online streaming websites and paid enormous amounts of money to be the only official channel in the world/middle east to show the world cup. The new receiver set was priced of 380 US dollars which is obviously a rip-off because in Arab countries, above 70% of families live on way less than this amount of money for a whole month.

Nonetheless, many if not most of us got the receivers and the matches began. Jordan became like a small Brazilian city; everyone got their favorite team shirts and flags, cafes and restaurants would be full by the time the match begins. We forgot about Ramadan and were busy letting such a crock take advantage of us and get even richer. By the final match, Jordanian were half German and half Argentina, everyone was defending their (yes, they say it was their) team and insulting the other one.

Up to some extent, we can say it was acceptable because it’s a sport at the end of the day but troubles were yet to follow. Celebrations, festivals, music and fireworks took place all over the city of Amman, people raised the German flag and were happy as if it was our national team. Many people shared posts and pictures of Germany and congratulated each other of this great triumph.

Even worse, they started quoting Gotease the player who scored in the final match and made a hero out of him, it was the final straw! Somebody tell me why would anybody quote this player? He’s not even as famous as other players in the team! Did he make history with this goal? Is he really the one we want to follow out of this slavery and ignorance we live in?

Germany is so busy developing new technologies and improving their country, but what about us? Oh, we’re busy giving them rounds of applause and praising their civilization.

Arabs apparently confuse interests and education with identity. Identity is to be you who you were created to be and make your own destiny and worth, not follow others’ successes and pretend it’s yours. Germany has won the cup and added one more title to its full of achievements history while we’re still where we used to be, maybe one step backward.

4 thoughts on “(234) – Why Arabs Have No Identity

  1. Sure, it’s a grand thing altogether to support the German (or any other) team when the matches get down into the last days. But, where is all that support when Jordan is playing? I believe they might play even better if they knew the nation was behind them, cheering them on, and supporting them 100 per cent. The Germans support their team all the year as do the Spaniards, the Italians, the Brasilians, and all the others. Any time I mention the Jordanian team here I only hear derision and sick jokes. It’s one of the things that dismays me about Jordanians; they pant after anything European or American and completely disregard the rich heritage of the Arab people in this beautiful country.

    • You are right, Jim. The German achievement is not an overnight success, they’ve been training hard and their country truly love and support them, that’s why they won the cup. In Jordan, we don’t appreciate talents, never. We mock almost everything, I’m fully aware of that. My brother at the same house used to mock everything I do then after he saw that it’s paying off, he started changing his habits and trying to be more like me.

      Community is merely a bigger or a broader image of the family. Jordanians forget that they’re part of this community or THEY ARE the community. Our history as Arabs is full of massive achievements but we aren’t self-confident to protect it and let the world see it.

      Remember when we first met, I was truly astonished of your decision to come and live in Jordan, now I can understand why you made such a decision.

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