(231) – No More Music

Music is one of the biggest joys of life. It’s a powerful source of happiness, sadness, fun, hope and much more. I’ve tried multiple times to stop listening to music but it never worked out because i’m so addicted to it. There are many motivational songs and melodies. Sometimes, merely reading the lyrics makes you feel better but it also could make you feel worse, a lot worse.

The problem with music is that every time you listen to a certain song, it brings back memories and God only knows what these memories are. You get to experience the same exact feeling you had when you first listened to the song and since we usually tend to listen to music -at least me- when we’re not in a good mood, so many of not most of the memories that are brought up are not so good, that’s why I’ve decided once again to give up listening to music.

Music is reflecting badly on my unbearable swinging moods. I’m going through a rough patch these days and nothing is helping me out; I’ve tried meditation, praying, food, music and even writing but nothing’s paying off. So, I decided I want to stop doing a few things and give my mind the space it needs.

I really don’t want to go back to listening to music in the future though it’s very nice and I can’t imagine life without music. I’ve made this decision many many times before but never committed to it. I guess it’s another problem with me, not committed to my life-changing decisions but let’s just wait and see.



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