(228) – If You Want Something…

The shortest and easiest way when you want to deliver a message or teach somebody a lesson is to say it as simple, plain and clear as possible.

“if you want something, go get it yourself” don’t ask others to do it for you,don’t ask others for help or support, don’t let others interfere with what you do to get what you want -that doesn’t mean you become oppressive and unfair- and do it yourself.

As easy as it sounds, I’ve realized lately that it’s such a sophisticated principle let’s say to apply. We may think our people and friends wouldn’t mind to help us because we love and respect each other. Well, I can’t deny that but we have to know that only us can help ourselves. People will never know what you exactly want or why, even if they do, there would still be something missed.

Yesterday I was shocked when my friend mentioned he knows I want to become a writer. It got me to wonder why he never volunteered asked if I need help. Another people in my life know what I want but they’ve never contributed to help me too. I’m not a special case, we don’t help each other here simply because we want others to remain ignorant and backward so we can be superior and take everything to fulfill our own greed.

That’s against religion and against humanity. True leadership is when you help others be who they want to be. Leadership is when you guide less people and help them out. Moreover, life’s a karma, if you help others, you’ll definitely find someone to help you on your journey.

So next time you want something, go get it, make it real and be a little bit selfish, it does work, sometimes.


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