(227) – Are Jewish People Manipulating Us?

Unlike any other people, Jewish exist in every country and always have power. They’re controlling the world and making huge decisions regarding almost everything. They know how to get what they want and that’s obvious from how they got into Palestine back when they had no right to live in the country. Personally, I never dealt with Jewish but i’m pretty sure they’re slick. Perhaps, that’s why they are what they really are today.

What pisses me off is that Jewish people are pretending to refuse what’s going on in Palestine! They say they’re against the Israeli raids on Gaza and they want to live peacefully with the Palestinians but Palestine doe not want this. They say there’s a difference between Judaism and Zionism, I think i’m aware of that but when people aren’t pushing their government to stop all this bloodshed, the difference just fades away and they both become alike.

I wonder how a community like Israel can’t stop their government’s crimes! We don’t want more talk, we want them to take action. Your words of sympathy won’t bring these martyrs back to their families, only your protestation will end this.

I know it’s our faults too as Arabs, I know I better be at least praying for people in Gaza right now instead of writing but…


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