(226) – Avid Readers



My dad had been trying really hard with my brother and I to develop the habit or let’s say the hobby of reading. He always told us to read the newspaper at least if we don’t want to read books or read in a magazine but it never happened to me why reading is important. He always told us that the mind as well needs food, and its food is reading. These were merely words without a meaning or I knew they had a meaning but I thought my mind were above these trivial tricks to make me read.

I grew up and found out that I’m nothing but a lost adolescent who doesn’t know anything about how the world functions. I grew up and discovered I have no hobbies or interests, I have no personality or firm opinions toward anything. It was a complete mess when I was asked at the age of 20 to talk about myself. I mentioned my name, age and university then stopped, stopped because I truly had nothing either achievements, dreams or some certain experience to share with my new friends. I remember when one girl grabbed a book and asked us to read a random sentence from a random page and tell us a story connected somehow to that sentence. The idea of the book was completely new to me. I’d never seen someone holding a book before, I was very shocked there are people read two and three books a month.

That was an awkward moment. I knew I had to do something about it so I borrowed a book called How To Develop Confidence and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. i didn’t expect that much of the book, I was so diffident with low self-esteem, that’s why the title was eye-catching and my first choice. It was all back in Dec 2011. So far, I’ve finished like 17 books. I know it’s not that much but I’m really astonished of myself.

Sometimes, I have a problem, I don’t know what to read so I pick my books randomly unless someone recommends a book because there are a few books you HAVE TO read, I believe. The good point is that once you finish the first chapter, you become so attached to the book, the characters and the story. It gets hold of you, it’s in you. I remember when I was reading Pet Sematary by Stephen King, it became part of my daily life and thinking, I couldn’t stop thinking about it even when I left the book for two or more days. That’s the beauty if reading, it’s where I want to live, my world of dreams.

Today, I wish I have enough time to read more and more books. I am not going to give up reading, I want to read in French, German, Spanish and English. I want to discover and learn new vocabulary, phrases and write on. I want to be my own book and help others be their own.


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