(224) – Enjoy Your IMPERFECTIONS

Perfect according to Google is defined as excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Perfect is flawless and ideal. When something is perfect it means everything is under control and there’s no way it’d go wrong.

The other day I was reading a statement I can’t quite remember whether it’s a well-known saying or not but it was all about why put things under control. It said imagine if all things were under control, life would be boring, same routine and occurrences day in and day out. It’s the same thing when life is perfect; there’s nothing to aim fro, to dream about, to expect or surprise you. Everything is just perfect, you have everything and it’s all perfect. At first, it sounds good but it actually not. People die when they stop dreaming and they stop dreaming when their lives are perfect, right?

I’m always working hard, want to fulfill my ambitions and dreams, sad when things fall through and pleased when it works out. I don’t accept failure productively, I want to be better than anyone else, I want to be the best of my people, have the best car or not, speak languages perfectly or not, live in the most fancy areas or not and so on. Well, tonight I realized it’s all wrong; it’s not about how perfect you are. On the contrary, it’s about how IMPERFECT you are, about how far you’ve gone and what you’ve been through. Life is about how much you achieved considering where you were and where you are now.

I know I won’t be able to be on top of the world even if I work hard, there will always be richer and more educated people to meet but perhaps, I deny this piece of truth deep inside. Allah has given me things to appreciate, endless blessings to thank Him for and enough problems/worries to keep me going. Allah with his perfect knowledge knows well enough that we can’t be perfect because life would make no sense then, that’s why he made us imperfect.

Today, I’m contemplating my imperfections, they’re meant to help me not the other way round. Today I enjoy my Chevy Aveo not my friend’s S-class Mercedes Benz, I enjoy living in a quite good area not living in the fanciest place in Amman, I enjoy studying at an ordinary faculty of engineering not at Harvard where students create their own jobs, I enjoy using the public transportation not using my own car to travel around the city, I enjoy eating meat few days a week unlike my friends who spend hundreds of bucks weekly on junk food… Today, I am enjoying my imperfections because we are so very imperfect people and living in an imperfect world.


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