(222) – Am Still Going…

Almost everyone agrees on the fact that success needs sweat, determination and patience. If you aim for success, you need to be a man of these three qualities. Yes, sometimes it sounds easy and doable but only real working and feeling any of the above qualities give you the real meaning of it.

Reading diaries of many successful characters when they were not successful yet, help me realize they were and still are ordinary people. They share the same daily life with us including everything such as traffic, weather, food and so on. The difference is that they have this small twist during the day which makes them more productive and successful. These people know how to avoid the moment of laziness and desperation, they don’t let others’ successes and achievements affect how they feel about themselves. They have a target in mind, they realize life is up and down, positive and negative, success and failure but they never let failure take control and are always eager to do more and on the go.

The problem with us, normal people who aim for success -me for sure- is that we are not strongly determined, we get confused easily and always dwell on failure. We don’t have enough resources to be who we want to be, society isn’t giving us the space to be who we really are. Yet, all that isn’t supposed to stop us.

The point is that we should never wait for anybody to help us be who we want to be, never ask somebody to make us, shape our future or define our dreams. We should never wait until we are ready… Now, is the moment of action, is the time to be and create. Move on, buddy!


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