(220) – Enthusiastic

After I posted Write On It earlier tonight, a friend of mine commented on Facebook saying “I am not going to mislead you because you already admitted to your grammatical errors but you did a great job expressing yourself…” He actually made me believe I am trying hard enough to succeed and overcome the language barrier I have, that’s why I am going to write one more post tonight, I am feeling enthusiastic about it.

I’ve been going through a rough patch in my days lately. It was basically on both personal and emotional levels, it had to do with my existence and how satisfied I am about myself. Things then developed into emotions, friends, relationships and family.

Expectations, undoubtedly, fail us very often. We expect too much of ourselves because we are aware of our own potentials but things don’t just go from point A to B directly, that’s why we sometimes don’t get what we exactly want to get. It’s the same thing with relationships; we love our friends, wives/husbands even kids but they don’t give back the same amount of love. Confusion follows with the decision that we need to change our love policies and that we shouldn’t fall easily for our beloved ones BUT once they are back, we, as lovers, forget and forgive. I know its the beauty of unconditional love but it usually hurts and pains us, that’s why we need to have a slight difference regarding our rules of love.

The thing that I think we need to work on is our “enthusiasm”. This rush to love or be loved, this blind longing for being around your lover is what destroys our relationships. We need to always be in control of our emotions, I am not saying to be inhibited but to not let emotions get hold of you, to be capable of using your mind first then comes your emotions.
“Friendship is love with understanding” because with our friends we love but using the mind not only the heart. Same thing with religion, God desires mind and heart.

Today, I’m so reminded of my beloved ones and that I should really be not so enthusiastic so love remains for good.


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