(219) – Write On It!



At the age of 17 I was going through my first emotional experience, I didn’t want to lose any moment, any feeling, I wanted to write it all down on paper and keep it till I grew old because it meant  so much. Things moved to a new level when I joined university; I had so much stories and experiences to keep in my heart. I couldn’t confide in any of my friends to tell them about what I was going through except my diaries. I was writing every day about almost everything happened with me especially critical issues like love and hate, they were and still my favorite passages.

What’s worth mentioning is that I always wrote in English even at the time I barely spoke a meaningful sentence. There was something different about writing in English. Writing in my mother tongue which is Arabic was somehow cliche and the  reason is that I wanted to be distinguished, not like anyone else who writes diaries. In the last few years, my need for writing was getting clearer, so I developed a habit of one book a year. Sometimes, it’s an agenda -a book that contains 365 dated pages- or any other book but it has to be sufficient for one year. As usual, writing should be in English.

Well, last year, I was introduced into WordPress and the blogging experience. At first, I wasn’t convinced it’s an effective way to write diaries, I thought it was only for sophisticated people who know what they write and are sure enough of themselves to publish their writings but it’s not like that, I guess you already knew that. I was and somehow still convinced of conventional techniques of writing, a pen and a stack of papers or a typewriter which is my dream but blogging tops my priorities today.

What I want to say is that I admit my writing is still elementary and basic, it’s still simple and not as good as a 10 year old boy’s stories, is that it’s full of grammatical mistakes but I like it very much and I can imagine myself as a successful writer in the future. I may not be a best-selling author or a famous blogger but I will be able to write a book one day and put it proudly on my own shelf. Writing has always helped me cope with multiple challenges either on a personal or social level, that’s why I admire it and want it to be my life, my whole life.

2 thoughts on “(219) – Write On It!

  1. Practice makes perfect, my friend, and you are doing a beautiful job writing your thoughts. Don’t worry so much about grammar now, that will come and it’s what editors and proofreaders are for. The important thing is to get your thoughts and ideas down and ready for editing. Keep up the great work!

    • thank you so much, Jim. I am always concerned of working on multiple things at the same time but now I think I should focus more on the idea of my post, other things will follow as you said. Thumbs up! 🙂

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