(216) – I Sacrificed My Friend For My Friend

I can’t hold it anymore!!!! I didn’t want anything back, I was dedicated for my cause, for my love. I knew the thing I’d do had unreasonable risk but I didn’t think it’d be this much. I’ve told my friend several times to not follow them, to not believe them or trust them but apparently he’s not the man I think he was. He got tempted by my offer especially after he tasted the sweetness of it. So sudden;y, he forgot my advice and here we are.

She’s a humble girl from a humble background, I don’t mean to offend her but she barely knows how to greet others or at least say hi because she doesn’t see people. Nobody ever cared about her, what she thinks, what she wears or who she really is. So unexpectedly, everyone started asking about her and wanting to be a friend with her. With a very small twist in destiny, everything’s changed. My friend who i’d rather call a jerk underestimated himself and opened the door for her people to get to him.

For me, this was the final straw! After all I’ve done, I’m getting this; I’ve lost my interest  in my friend, I don’t want to see him anymore or hear about him. He’s an old book i’m done reading it but he’s insisting to keep this book open. It’s making me very sad to say this but he did let me down, the very first moment I SACRIFICED for him, I knew I’d lose him soon enough and here the day came.

What drives me insane is fake people, is hypocrisy. I have no idea at all how they can live with themselves, how they can manipulate others pretending integrity or hospitality. Fake smiles,,, I can’t imagine that. I’m broken-hearted and weak tonight. I am getting mixed feelings about this.

Once a gain, I have to swallow my pride and walk over my scars, I know he will not appreciate this of me, I know he’ll keep thanking me for my sacrifice but I don’t want that… I’d rather be rewarded by Allah, he knows better I sacrificed my most invaluable thing… 😦 😦 😦


P.S. this is a very personal story. I’d like keep things somehow vague till the day comes and I share it in my book, all of it.


2 thoughts on “(216) – I Sacrificed My Friend For My Friend

  1. People will let you down. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. Many of us tend to expect our friends and family to devote as much attention to our relationships as we do. Most of them will not. It’s a sad fact of life. It has happened to me more times than I can count. For years I thought it was due to some deficiency in me. Thankfully for my peace of mind, I know now that’s not true. Despite what many people say, it is possible to love too much.

    • You’re absolutely right; they don’t DEVOTE as much attention to us. I am not sad now about what I’ve been through, it was meant to be but next times I will try to be more cautious and aware of where this relationship would end. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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