(214) – Help Me, Help You

I: You know you’re not going anywhere with this.

He: you know how addicted I am and for no reason, what should I do? stop? quit? I suppose your already aware how hard it is, aren’t you?

I: look at yourself, you ended up in a place nobody ever expected; your so lonely and sad, it ain’t the life you want, is it?

He: No, it ain’t. I’m too lonely to start over, i’m too sad to move on, and i’m too desperate to quit. they say it’s life, but i think it’s hell on earth.

I: nonsense! your so ambitious to look like this;¬†depressed, sick, tired and confused all the time. Don’t cha remember the old days? you used to be a smart good-looking guy, everyone at the class wanted to be like you. Our friends were so jealous of you.

He: (crying) I hate my life, myself, friends, family… I didn’t choose to be here, to be like this. It all started with one bad habit and now look at this sick and humble person in front of you!

I: so what do you suggest you do?

He: (sobbing) I have no idea!


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