(213) – The Selfie Craze

Taking a picture of yourself is sometimes good, it makes you feel more confident about how you look because you get more time posing and controlling your facial features. You may as well take many pictures and choose the best one of them to post on your Facebook or share with your friends. Personally, I took a very nice picture of me a couple of years ago. It describes how bad and contemplative I was feeling back then. I shared the picture and got really cool feedback on it.

Well, a few months ago, I started to see the tag selfie on almost every photo. People allover the social media networks are beginning to take more and more pictures of themselves under the name of “selfie”. Up to some extent, it was acceptable but now it’s more of a problem with the ego, I believe. You may take one or two selfies a year, a month but not every day or even hour. It’s becoming overrated. What’s the point of a selfie with everyone you know? with your mom, dad, brothers, friends, pets…? can’t you just imagine yourself holding your phone in a completely stupid and insane positing taking a picture of yourself?

I remember years ago it was still a bit weird to ask others in the street to take pictures of you with friends? yet, it was understandable because some intimate memories we live with should be captured in a photo or more but not selfie. I am not in a place to talk about it effects on the ego and how much of a problem a selfie could be because there are many articles over the web that deal with this subject. however, there is this one thing I’ve just read about which is called The Sellotape Selfie or Sellofie. You wrap your face with a sellotape making fun of yourself then take a Sellofie. This sick sense of humor is strangely going viral on the internet. Weirdly enough, people are loving it.



It’s not that I’m not a fun loving guy or too complicated and backward but this selfie thing has to stop, by hook or by crook.


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