(210) – What’s Next?

Almost two years ago, I decided I want to learn English and be a writer. I’ve always had this longing for languages and other cultures. It’s probably the best way to be open-minded and a man of action because you get to know what others have and don’t have then measure it all with you have. Usually, you end up feeling blessed no matter how miserable you think your life was.

Anyway, back in 2012, I started my journey, on my own, learning English, reading blogs and books. The dictionary and I became two close friends, like peas and carrots. My life has turned upside down; English -reading and writing- became my own interest. I started to notice how others speak, what words they use, the variety in their vocabulary and how you can say something in such different ways. On my phone, I have countless phrases and metaphors I’ve heard before, I always try to use them and keep myself reminded if it all.

This simple yet grand change in my life made me want to change my friends, so I started to look for English native speakers over the web and in real life too. I became a Toastmaster but that didn’t last long enough. I’d met a friend who is a native speaker but he didn’t have the intentions to be dedicated and teach me. Even though, I kept going on full power. Today, i can watch many movies without subtitles, I can understand what they say and make sense. I can write a 500 word blog in 20 minutes, maybe less. I can have a conversation with English speakers and be able to deliver my thoughts effectively. I can memorize thousands of different words and phrases and use them correctly in my speech and/or blogs.

Well, the problem is that I still want to be better. My writing style is still not as good. I mean I keep using the same vocabulary every time, I can’t be creative and use my own metaphors, I can’t speak fluently and I just can’t be what exactly I want to be. “Practice makes perfect” but I really can’t find someone to practice with! Language centers here are very expensive, a one month course would cost roughly 300$, even worse, you get to practice with non-native speakers.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, what to do next? how do I find a language partner or someone who wants to exchange languages? what if I don’t? is there any offline/online effective methods to help me improve my speaking and writing abilities? I really am doing my best submerging myself in a good educational atmosphere (is this the right word?) but still need more!


4 thoughts on “(210) – What’s Next?

    • You have no idea how much I appreciate your supportive comment. No, we don’t have any military bases here, at least where I live. There are many Americans live in Amman, the city where I live but I just can’t find a proper way to befriend any, it’d be weird to approach others randomly. :S

      I will keep going no matter what and one day I will publish my books, here, on this blog. 😉

      • Hello! I’m really sorry for my very late reply but I was going through a rough patch and couldn’t write a word.

        Actually, there are old people –I know a writer lives nearby– and there are many other American students who study Arabic language at a certain university. I’ve tried to apply through the university language center but they said I have to be a student there not any other university which I think was so ridiculous of them.

        However, the day you wrote the comment, I asked another friend of mine, she works as a translator and guess what? she suggested the same exact thing. Her advice was to post an ad in a few good cafes where foreign students regularly go.

        Honestly, i thought this has to be the sign i’m waiting for, two different persons from two different worlds agreed on the same thing, so I’m going for it and may the odds be in my favor. Thank you so much for the comments, I truly appreciate it and will keep you updated. Have a blessed Thursday. 🙂

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