(209) – Energy Conversion

As a mechanical engineering student, one of the most imperative and crucial courses we have to study in details is Energy Conversion. Well, for the second time, I’m studying the same course again this semester. Ironically, all of the doctors have the same beginning, teaching methods and ending. They start with sorting out the sources of energy as “renewable and non-renewable energy” then move to the solar energy as a solution for all energy problems the world’s suffering from in the mean time.

Since education in Jordan is merely indoctrination of theories and thoughts, we, as students, absorb our doctors’ thoughts and never discuss them. Doctors would ask if you have a question, but you’d be embarrassed before all your colleagues if your question is not what the doctor considers “smart”.

Back to our point, energy sources are not renewable and non-renewable, though it might make sense at some point. Today, while reading in our text book which we don’t refer to while studying, I’ve found out that energy has two major sources; energy from outer space and energy that exists in earth, as a part of it. Renewable energy follows Outer Space energy and cannot be considered as a major classification of energy.

It took me a while realizing why we Arabs are still in the bottom of the world! Why people in Europe and the US are making firm steps toward a prosper future despite endless challenges. This is so sad, I wish words could help me more to describe how desperate I am about education in the middle east.

During the lecture of energy conversion, I literally fall asleep and barely open my eyes not because I am too sleep and tired but because it’s very boring and gets on my nerves. It starts at 8 p.m. and finishes at 9.15 p.m. We students don’t speak a word, the doctor keeps talking randomly about what comes to his mind. Another doctor at the Environment Engineering course speaks but does not making any sense or let’s say he MUMBLES, he doesn’t convey any message or thought at all. Yesterday, he was talking about hurricanes, causes and results. I swear to God, he didn’t make any sense. A girl stood up asking him to repeat the last thing he said and the mumbling began. The final straw, when he mentioned that California is located on the SOUTH part of the US, HE KILLED ME!

I always say I don’t like being an engineer but it’s not me the reason, it’s the entire educational system in here. It’s a total mess! Our doctors have no idea at all “WHY”; their positions are merely a matter of PRESTIGE, no dedication or respect for the job. It’s sad, why can nobody hear me???!!!


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