(203) – WHY?!

A common fact the WordPress community would agree on, I think, is that the world now is in a complete big mess, right? Things are out of control; openness, limitlessness, absolute freedom, insanity and lost. Instead of making things easier, technology are reflecting on us very badly simply because we don’t get it the right way, we don’t understand WHY we have technology and what is the point of it.Everyone out there thinks they can come up with whatever theory they think is right then tries to publicize it and get vouched for. Common sense is no longer common, is that how civilization is? no principle? no common sense? no anything? I am shocked!!!

Speaking to people right in here makes me disgusted either friends or relatives, old or young. People seem to be lost in a world full of books and science. Nobody reads yet we all preach! Nobody does but judges! WHY is that happening? WHY is everyone judging and destructively criticizing? WHY are we acting in such a lunatic way referring back to nothing? Freedom is not an act of randomness, freedom is a state of mind, a rational measurement of issues and problems.

I hope everyone gets my point, i’m not pretending to be right or aware but things just aren’t making any sense at all, are they?!


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