(200) – Looking Out For Motivation

Who would’ve thought I’m writing post number 200? It means two hundred nights, two hundred different ideas and two hundred days closer to my dream, to my graduation. Today, I’m like half the way through toward the end, too many things happened; meeting other bloggers, reading amazing posts, pushing myself to its limits, learning how to commit and be stubborn to success and many more other lessons.

I had real bad times especially when I was sick back in march, I stopped blogging for a long while then here i’m writing again, squeezing my humble mind for new thoughts, pushing myself to write even more when I have no readers. I’ve learned to keep writing no matter what. My best friends didn’t encourage me and if they did, it was only like once or twice. Nonetheless, I remember having multiple comments from other fellow bloggers supporting me and urging me to write on.

I’ve discovered that reading and writing are two significant habits we need to have. Reading or writing isn’t some sort of hobby, it’s more of a lifestyle and a means to grow up, not just old. We read because otherwise, we don’t know how to live or whom to friend and time would just go on. We write because only blank pages give us the space we need, can put up with our complaints and make us who we want to be.

However, there comes a day when you need motivation, need to be reminded of your purposes and dreams. Also, the writer’s block will find its way to you frequently, so unless you know how to cope with such a block, you’d end up in the gutter not looking at the stars.

There’s this video on my favorite list of all time, I keep watching it regularly. Every time I watch it, it expands my horizons of hope. This video is not just motivation, it’s a life. I hope you enjoy it though I’ve shared it before over here!


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