(199) – Heading To My Grave

We went to the mosque, lots of men, different backgrounds, different colors, race, age… they came to pray for the dead, the one who passed away and now is in a transitional phase getting ready to meet his creator, Allah –the one and only–!!

Some say the soul is aware of what’s going on outside, in the real world but can’t interfere or do anything. It’s now sent, can’t regret or do anything anymore. After the praying, the dead was headed to his tomb in the graveyard, the same people with the body while the soul is wandering, waiting for guidance. The burial is now done, body is 2m under the ground. People turned back, everyone is heading to his car leaving the dead on his own, with his deeds, only. We go back home, eat, drink, laugh and smoke.

Wait a second, we’ve lost someone, we’ve missed someone. Where’s is he? what is he doing? who’s visiting him now? what’s going on in that hole? only God knows!

Though we were told the details 1400 years ago, we are still unaware and ignorant because we decided to be so, we made the decision to be ignorant.

The dead leaves this world FOREVER! Yes, for good. His family’s grieving, his wife, kids and parents, all moaning and sobbing. His destiny is over, his life is finished. He might be taken by hand into heaven where his good massive palace and endless blessings are OR into hell where demons are burning in, for good. Both places are mysterious, nobody ever has seen like before. We are threatened by hell and excited to be in heaven but only us make the decision, the ultimate decision.

Today, I’ve realized I will be held on some people’s shoulders one day, wearing my white coffin and headed to meet my God, Allah –the one and only– It made me cry, it made me frightened. There comes a time when I have no more time to repent, to apologize and take my bad deeds back. Pens will be held up and test is over, heaven or hell?!


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