(198) Blessing Of The Day 03 – Nuggetyak aka Kay



No, he’s not a rock star nor a guitarist. He’s not even famous. He’s just like everyone else around the city; you bump into, say hi then leave like nothing happened. Unless you are lucky enough to spend one more minute with him, you’d fall in love with a truly authentic character, a one off and a super special dude who wouldn’t let you down, no matter what.

Among thousands of people who were online at the same moment and for no reason at all, we hit up each other and the conversation began. Just like any other chat, it was all about likes and dislikes, tastes of music, movies and other things pen-pals would talk about.

In my friendships, I’m used to be the listener, the one who always offers an ear and provides his friends with the advice they need. I didn’t ever think I’d be a talker, a taker and a receiver of advice. I haven’t been this character before, I don’t know how to complain, dump my issues on others and force them to listen to me. Well, Kay made me experience this selfish feeling, this ego-centric behavior of me. After the death of my cousin’s husband yesterday, I felt so bad and remorseful and only one guy wanted willingly to listen, to let me dig into the deep roots of my heart and bring out the sorrow. He didn’t say a word until I was done, he asked for more complaints of me and didn’t leave me until I was completely done, wiped my trees and drew a smile on my face.

He gives me hope, makes me sure there are still good people to be trusted and confided in. He is what we call a good-listener and a care taker. He wants to live, to expand his horizons and let others enjoy their time. Discrimination and segregation have no place in his own dictionary; color, race, background or whatever we take as a divider is always his source of inspiration to unite people and help them better understand each other. He admits he’s not perfect and that he likes his imperfection. He does confess his imperfection is a part of being a human, a one who he really is. He accepts others, tries new things and appreciates words said to him. He’s loyal, honest and innocent.

I have always talked about people who live for the good of others, for a higher cause. Those who live just because they can’t bear seeing others in pain or hurt. Those who were not taught how to make change but still have it in blood. I am in love with such characters; their tenderness is something else. I had my own doubts about meeting one, but apparently I just did.

Today, I am thankful and so much grateful for God because He sent me someone I can talk to all day long without having to be someone I’m not, for sending me a true friend who I’d love to meet in person very soon and be able to hug, just HUG!




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