(196) – My Cousin Is Experiencing Death!!!!!!!!!

A modest, smart and simple decent girl. She is 2 years older than me but used to be my best friend a few years ago. Sheeis the eldest among her 3 sisters and one brother. When my mom visited my aunt, I used to sit with Doaa’, my cousin in the kitchen, play the radio, sing along and laugh for hours. Doaa’ was my best friend; she used to buy me Coke, freeze it and make me delicious sandwiches, only for me. Then my other cousin who’s name is Hosam joined our group and we became 3 brothers from different mothers.

Doaa’s mom and dad decided she has to get married soon, it’s part of their traditions in the family. At the age of 16, she got engaged, married during high school and gave birth to her first daughter during the finals of high school. I remember almost everyone in the family talked about her in a bad way, like she’s stupid and backward but nobody ever accepted her as a simple girl from a humble background. At 22, she decided she wants to go to university and major in a competitive sector, so she can help her husband. Speaking of her husband, his name is Sameeh; a decent, respectable, honest and credible man. He used to work as a bus driver. He never missed a social gathering though our family members didn’t give him the respect he deserved. In all honesty, I was acting normally around him, I mean we’ve chatted before but I didn’t give him my full attention thinking he was like everyone else.

Well, Doaa’ has got excellent marks at university. I was so jealous of her because I have everything to get straight A’s but I never done. I always wished her best of luck. Our friendship didn’t stop after she got married, despite the endless limitations we had. Doaa’ spent less than 4 years at university struggling between her 3 kids –two girls and one boy– her house, husband and other commitments. She was a super energetic girl with the spirit of a mom at a younger age. She’s got her driving license last year, bought a car, she takes care of her mom, dad and sisters and life was going great with her.

This is the final semester for Doaa’ at university, she’s been working hard on the finals since weeks when suddenly her husband had a severe car accident last week. He was moved to the ICU, had many fractures in the skull, legs and other parts. He was in a coma. Doaa’ finished her finals yesterday and her husband Sameeh passed away today!!!

I can’t just figure it out; she is 25, she hasn’t seen the good things in her life yet. All this time she was just building for the future when suddenly her most precious man died in a car accident. I am shocked, astonished. I can’t understand. I believe blindly God has chosen the best of the best for her. Ialso believe it’s better for her instead of spending his entire life in bed moaning and screaming or disabled. But… Oh, life’s too hard sometimes. I don’t know what to say, NO COMMENT!

Sameeh, may Allah have mercy on you and you may rest in peace. I am pretty sure you are in a better place looking at Doaa, she’s going to grieve for a few days then stand up again on her own two feet and continue what you started out together. Allah is merciful, he won’t let your beloved wife alone, trust me, no one will.

God, please, have mercy on us!!! AMEN!


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