(195) – My Mom’s Aging!!!

Oh, my mom, she’s growing old!

As kids, we never think our r moms will one day grow old and look like the women we encounter on the streets but the fact remains, time passes and leaves its impacts behind.

I’ve noticed lately that my mom is changing, so are we. My brothers and I have our lives; university, friends, outings and much more. My mom spends most of her time at home –thank my dad for sure– she waits for everyone of us until after midnight sometimes. We demonstrate because we believe she needs to sleep early but mom never responds. We blame her for being who she is but she’s finally come up with a creative answer saying “had I been different, you would’ve never be the same” sounds philosophical but it’s true.

Today, while reading Get Happy Yourself, my mom immediately crossed my mind. Yes, she doesn’t have as many friends, she prohibited herself from her old addiction and that was TV, she stopped listening to music ages ago because she wanted us to be more of avid readers and to grow up our small talents, she decided to follow a decent style in her clothes so we don’t bring weird bitchy tastes to our house, last but not least, she changed most of her opinions and had to hide some truths only to bring us up the correct way, polite and well-mannered –it’s a long story if I don’t want to discuss now–. After all that she’s done for us, we demonstrate and disagree with her policies. She is not wrong, likewise with us. We live in a world she doesn’t fully understand, same with my mom. I can’t deny she has a way deeper thinking than we have but a few modern issues she can’t figure out. My mom gave up on her friends and dedicated her time and self for the house, so when she’s feeling lonely, we blame her for not having friends. I’d tried many times to give her a helping hand but it wasn’t working anyhow.

Anyway, last Friday when I was with my new friends, one of them bought me a book called Aunt Erma’s Cope Book by Erma Bombeck. It’s a humorous book but very true. Erma is talking about the life of a married woman, her responsibilities, duties and rights. About how your kids take your life then just fly away. About the other side of the mom that I can’t seem to touch. The book is very creative though I still didn’t finish it yet. What I really like is that moms all over the world apparently are the same; they’re built on sacrifice and giving, the day our moms stop this behavior is the day they die leaving us with endless pain and so much hurt to cope with. In this book, I can better understand my mom, feel what she’s going through and pay attention to what she needs and how she thinks. So, thank you Mrs. Bombeck, you did such a great job, you know my mom better than me.

The good news is that I’m interacting effectively with this issue; every month I get my mom a few books to read, help her with the daily chores, encourage her to go out and meet new friends, exercise more, lose weight, wear brand new clothes, get a new haircut and feel better about herself and that her efforts are paying off, her life makes perfect sense for us because she’s everything in our lives no matter what, she’s our beloved mom.

In case any mom is reading this, I hope you understand your kids, give them more time to figure out life and help them be appreciative for everything they have. Your kids will never give up on you or leave you alone, it’s just life that’s becoming unbearable. Bear with us moms, we adore you!



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