(194) – Share Your Blessings

Chatting with friends all the time and talking about what you do every moment through pictures made me figure out more blessings I have. Besides, the fact that almost everyone of us is taking life for granted, the thing that’s really considered selfish and greedy is one more of a reason why we should be thankful, always, even when things are at its worst.

Accordingly, I have an idea that aims to open our eyes widely to the blessings we live in and make us more appreciative to everything in the world, good or bad. I am going to share one picture everyday that includes a blessing I have over many others either in my country or the entire world. It doesn’t have to be money-related, it might be about health, friends, securities or anything you consider a blessing and should be counted in your list. It’s going to be daily especially that I’m like 30 posts behind.

Blessing Of The Day (01) – Movies



DVDs are my second favorite source of inspiration –reading is first for sure–. I don’t like watching TV so when I get recommendations on movies, I get the dvd and take my time watching it. Today, it’s more of a tradition where I go to downtown every beginning of the month and buy twelve dvds (buy 10 get 2 free). There are lots of movies to be watched, I do my best to cover the most beautiful and inspirational ones here on my blog. 🙂


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