(193) – My Favorite Cities around The World

There are many beautiful cities around the world that I would love to visit them all one day, I don’t think I can cover them all in one post, so i’m just going to mention a few cities which come immediately to my mind whenever I think of travel.

First of all, it’s Paris; the city of my dreams and the place i’d love to spend many night there wandering in the city and taking endless pictures. We have London next; my conception of London is a rainy city with countless places to be visited. I’d like to get a ride in the red big buses I see on TV. After London, I can imagine a flight to Alaska, Fairmount Banks where Christopher Mcandless passed away, spend the spring there, see the places he’d been to and sleep in the same old bus he died in.

Sydney comes next, the Opera House. South Africa, get to see the lions and wild life first hand, it would be memorable. Moscow with its snowy weather and Rome then.

As I told you in the beginning, there are lost of cities and countries I need to visit and spend beautiful time before I die but just can’t cover them in one post. However, I’m going to mention my most favorite city which truly means something big for me though I have never been there, it’s without a shadow of doubt, Vienna. There’s an Arabic song dedicated to Vienna, also Billy Joel sang for the city with his one and only Vienna Waits For You. You must know the song but here’s the link once again:



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