(190) – Pet Sematary

When I first started reading, I went to the book store with my friend who was supposed to be an avid reader, I thought he’d be a great help to me but he wasn’t actually. We were going through shelves, glancing many titles and reviews on books until we stopped by Stephen King books. There was a huge variety in King’s books. I picked Pet Sematary without even realizing the title. My friend said it’d be a nice read, so I took his word and bought the book.

The first day I finished the first chapter which is something like five pages, the second day I read another chapter until the eighth then stopped because the story was growing and I thought it was still too early for me to read such a book. It was put on my shelf until six weeks ago, I decided I wanted to read the book and guess what? What an amazing frightening book.

Word after word, I was getting attached to the story and the characters. I could imagine every character on its own; Louis, Rachel, Eilee, Gage, Norma, Jud and of course Churchill the cat. They were all fully described starting with looks to what rule they have in the story. I could feel there was something serious to happen but never expected it the way it does. You’ll start by your own assumptions especially if you’ve seen the movie trailer before but you can never make a call where the story ends or how.

It’s a 465 pages book, long enough for a beginner reader like me to through away but I did not because I could not. Like the Pet Sematary, it has its own magnetic that will keep your mind occupied by the events Louis is going through. Some chapters are long and some are short, this variety will keep you engaged and curious to know what’s going to happen.

The best part about the story is that how King sums the entire book in two lines in the epilogue, the last two lines has all the secret and ending within. They read “a cold hand fell on Louis’s shoulder. Rachel’s voice was grating, full of dirt…“darling” it’s said”



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