(189) – How It All Began

They met on December in a total coincidence. She was lost, diffident, shy, hopeless yet very ambitious. He was lost, curious, energetic, confident and desperate. She had what he wanted to have, so did he. They were very different yet very alike. She was introduced to languages, reading and writing. he was introduced to loyalty and security with her. Everyone excelled at his/her character but wanted to switch roles and live a happier life.

They both could get into an agreement based on love with understanding which is also known as “friendship”. They got along like a house on fire, committed to each other and in love. She was open like no before and was thoroughly willing to let him dump all his issues on her. She actually enjoyed that thinking she’d be making a difference in his life for no price but being a true friend. He was always talkative; always complains, usually moans and rarely ever listens. He wasn’t ego-centric but just didn’t think of what hurts her. Even if he does, that wouldn’t last for more than five minutes then goes back to his same old traits.

Frankly, he opened her eyes to what she may want to be in the future; well-educated, opinionated and sophisticated. She helped him get the wife of his dreams; a decent girl, less educated and above all, a loyal lover who’d never give up no matter what. I can’t say it was always one to one because it was more of an unconditional friendship, they didn’t count but loved from the heart.

Days after days, things were becoming clearer, she got replaced or let’s put it in another form, she was put aside for his free schedule, so whenever he’s free and has enough love for the day, he’d go back o her trying to express gratitude and compliment his wife. Can you see what I see? He moved from complaints to compliments without giving her the chance to speak up her mind or tell what goes on in her life.

She thought he was just happy and things would change again soon but the day never came. She’d spent her night lonely thinking of what he might be doing every second and how his life is going. She’d tried so hard to take excuses and make up for the long lonely nights she’d got used to lately but that wasn’t the thing. Apparently, he’s the kind of people who takes others for granted; you listen to me and help me or you are no longer the same person I ever known. That must be selfish and arrogant. I know her very well; she’s so honest, loyal, and peaceful. She is more of a giver not a taker. When in love, she tends to be tolerant and always willing to have fun. He is so kind but this negative trait in his blood was making things worse.

She decided it was time for her to cut her losses and stop this bleeding love. She accepted things for who they are, never hated or regretted her time with him. She moved on without a second glance on the past. He felt there was something strange in her looks and behavior but he could never dare to ask why. I guess he felt it, he knew why because he was the reason.

They meet up sometimes but nothing’s serious. she’s not the same old person he used to know. He’s also changed, she is not curious to inquire or ask for details.

Recently, she arranged an outing that’s she’s been dreaming of for so long. Circumstances dictated he has to be with her, so it be. To say the least, it was exactly what she wanted to discover after all this pain he caused her, I can assure you she was happy, she was delirious. On the way home, she couldn’t feel he was happy too, he didn’t compliment the change in her, the new fulfilling personality she’s become or even he desperate attempts to be what she always wanted to be. He only said it was nice meeting her again, she didn’t give a F***!

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