(188) -T his Part Of My Life Is Called HAPPINESS

I felt it; a short moment like the blink of an eye when I took a deep breath in but my heart kept beating like I had absorbed the entire oxygen in the world. It was over beating like when an adrenaline rushes into your blood but this time it was overjoyed and I was happy. I felt that moment of happiness. You know what, it truly feels like happiness, like when Will Smith gets the job and runs into the street, holds hands high in the sky and cheers himself up saying calling it Happiness.

Apparently, happiness is a journey not a point. Happiness is a series of achievements covered by patience and struggle, by bittersweet memories and sweat, by tears of joy and a beating heart.

Most of us think it’s the final product that’s called happiness but it’s not. It’s not something you make overnight, it takes long nights and days of planning, acting and pushing in the same direction, day in and day out. Results will always come late, not satisfying at the beginning but glorious in the end. The bitterest feelings will taste sweet when you are done, your worst nightmares are going to be the lessons you’ll teach for the upcoming generations. This is not easy either said or done.

I remember clearly how small I gave out to my studying last semester and how happy I felt when results were published online, it made me regret the time I spent playing around and had I’d given it a bit more, things would’ve been way better. I thought I’d be happy at the results, but true happiness would be after the exam when you realize your efforts are going to pay off.

I have been working hard on my language and today it really paid off. Nonetheless, I wish I had worked even harder because I realized it’s doable, not impossible as I thought it would be.

My new philosophy is that time’s passing quickly; years are sliding by like days, maybe hours, so just get started, take action and validate. Don’t just wait for the right time, it won’t happen. The right time doesn’t exist, you exploit the moment, begin RIGHT now, at the moment or you fall from the sky upon your face.


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