(187) – Change In Perspective

Thank God, I did get no F’s last week, most of my grades were above average, that’s something I didn’t expect, so I am truly thankful for God, he knows I love him so much. It happened to me that it’s time to try a new challenge and move up to the next level. I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, face new big fear and overcome it. I did text a friend of mine whom I only met once but was so nice to me. I asked if we could meet soon for a cup of coffee or a walk, he didn’t say no. on the contrary, I felt he was very pleased by my offer but my weak character told me it was him just being nice because he’s American and this is how they behave. Nonetheless, I kept going and here’s what happened.

Jim, is an old American man who lives in Amman. He’s a wonderful blogger, the author of New Yesterdays and such a great man to be around with.  I met him over the web, we met in personal once and I felt I have to meet him again and arrange an outing. After a whole week of texting, he texted me again on a Friday morning asking if he could invite his friend. That was okay with me but I had to change our plans for the third time in a row, so I texted him asking if I may call. I did and it went so bad. My voice was shaking and inaudible, he couldn’t hear anything of what I’m saying so we agreed to call back once he gets home. I was very confused until he called back, I took a deep breath and said HELLO. Well, it was okay, we arranged everything and now it was time for me to prepare for the outing. How am I going to spend the two hours we have? Where should we go? What should we talk about and will I be capable of speaking English well with the guys so they understand me?

Many plans went on my head, the best thing was to just let it happen and face it.

At around 7 p.m. we met, shook hands and it all began. Jim’s friend who’s a tour guide was a really kind man who helped me get over this shyness I first had. He was a sophisticated guy who knows well enough how to manage a conversation and break the ice. Zeek is a self-made guy who learned English on his own and now is a freelance tour guide, you’d like to meet him one day.

we talked about almost everything, had a relatively long walk in a crowded famous street called Rainbow Street. There was something like a book fair selling books for free, Jim helped my get a few classical old books he read in the 1970s. titles are Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy, Aunt Erma’s Cope Book by Erma Bombeck and The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell. He said these are going to be very helpful especially that I’m still learning English and need to be introduced to new vocabulary. Then we sat in a café, some of us had tea and others had coffee. I enjoyed the talk very much, I loved it. it was like the perfect outing for me; English speakers, sophisticated guys, well-mannered buddies and last but not least true friends who wouldn’t mind to support you and help you out.

I got back home and is still inspired by how beautiful it was for me to hang out with Jim and his friend. I am pretty sure the world has many nice people to offer, maybe we just need to be patient enough. I hope I can be as inspirational as well as helpful to other people one day and give them what they want or need.


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