(185) – Word Of The Day

“You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” and you can’t compare basketball to soccer because they’re completely two different sports.

Today, after a pointless debate with a friend of mine who admires to debate for the sake of it, because he wants to -I’m pretty sure he has some sort of a problem with his ego- I discovered he was just kidding because my face (me) was giving him expressive looks so he wanted to continue just to make me nervous and prove to himself he’s more capable of convincing me of something wrong. Nonsense, huh?

It didn’t get on my nerves, I was completely restful and defensive about my point. I could express my point very clearly and had enough evidences he was wrong. The previous quote/saying was the final straw. Nonetheless, we were back at square one once I was done with my quote because he
was talking for the sake of it which I don’t think is a good behavior when dealing with others; to underestimate their mentality and show off.


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