(184) – Happiness Is From Within

Today was one big day for me; I visited our old neighbors in another city where we used to live. The city called Zarqa and is well-known for its dirty streets and bad weather. it’s completely not a healthy or even neat area to live in but that was in the past -Thank God for sure-. In all honesty, I loved that place and had the opportunity to figure out many events that took place in my life since I was kid. I am not going to talk about my realizations but my neighbors.

An old man whose nearly in his lately seventies, an old woman in her late fifties, grown up kids, even grown up grandson but both of the old man and woman live alone at their house. They live in an old crowded suburb, buildings are at least twenty or more years old, no trees, no sidewalks, too many cars and careless owners. This man refused to let all these bad conditions reflect badly on his life; he knew he couldn’t afford a new villa in the capital so he decided to take care of his humble house and the garden. Today, it looked like a piece of heaven. I was astonished of how beautiful his garden was; everything was clean and in its place, fruits blooming, flowers shining, trees grinning and a big palm tree rising up in the sky. I wish I could take photos of it.

When I entered the house, it was like you’re getting into the royal court. They have everything they need and want despite their limited income. Calmness around the house, fresh air, smoking is not allowed, fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s simply a healthy life. They have a treadmill and they do exercise every morning.

I felt happiness in the air, I felt satisfaction and contentment. They know what they want; never complained or moaned about the neighborhood they live in. They just want to be happy and die happy. We sat and talked for almost an hour, I truly enjoyed the conversation, I love old people, they are mostly sophisticated and well-experienced. They were a bit shocked of my interaction with them, with me being honest about how I feel toward them but it was okay for me because I really meant every single word about them. If I want to be happy one day, I would like to end up like my old neighbors. I wish I could do something for them, probably getting them into a new house located somewhere I live or in the most expensive area in the capital city but I’m pretty sure God is just and Has better plans for them in heaven.

Happiness begins from within; if you want to be happy, you don’t need money, a villa or people to be happy. Maybe you just need to overcome yourself, know what happiness is and be satisfied. Nothing makes you happy but you. I can’t just describe how I felt, there was warmness in their house, something I’d really love to have it at my own house, at my parents’ house.


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