(183) – What Are You Feeling?

Sat down, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and stared into dark trying to feel, to touch this mysterious thing that’s been wandering inside of me for ages. It’s HUG; yes, hug. I need to hug and be hugged.

I can’t imagine hugging the most beautiful and gorgeous person in the world, the one with the sexiest body ever or the best haircut. All that is crossing my mind is someone who’d find me weeping silently while listening to some classical music, wipe up my tears, hold my hand, rest my head on and only then HUG me, tightly, warmly, passionately and carefully…

wait, I don’t want to miss the moment, the feeling. I can smell something nice, can feel a soft hand on my shoulder. Someone’s here asking me to stop writing and move on, to just leave everything and soar into the sky where peace is…


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