(182) – Something’s Gotta Give

Do you know that moment when a movie has almost everything you love? A writer, a great actor, a love story and most importantly, the city of your dreams. Well, that’s Something’s Gotta Give.

I always wanted to see the movie because I love Jack Nicholson but this movie was just something else. It has more than just Nicholson; it has Paris where the story ends. It has sin, regret, remorse, patience, tolerance and love as well. It’s like a perfect story. A random man who just wants to live and have fun. When he meets one more girl to have sex with, he gets a heart attack and that is when his life begins to change. He falls in love but he can’t be as he pretend a good boyfriend, so he decides to walk away and lead the same old lifestyle he’s been enjoying for more than 40 years. Suddenly, he realizes she’s swept him off his feet and that she’s the one.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should go get the DVD and take two hours for yourself –my usual advice after watching a great movie–.

This one is also the kind that gives me hope and make me look forward to the future and what it holds for me. I wish I can write even more bout I don’t believe there are words yet to describe what I am feeling. Oh, I almost forgot, I do love Jack Nicholson!




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