(181) – Perks Of Being A Wallflower – The Movie

Long semester has passed, new grades will follow next week and one more brick of my future will be added to my building. I don’t know why but I’m getting mixed feelings about my entire life; I know I’m here for a reason and that no matter how bad I think it is, it might on the contrary be for my own goodness.

I wrote about the book and now just finished the movie. In one word, superb. I completely realize what it means to love someone and rely on them. I really know how much we need others in our lives, yet we shouldn’t rely on anybody. This is what we call “cognitive dissonance” if i’m not wrong. The movie truly touched me because I used to be in Charlie’s shoes one day, not because I didn’t have friends but because I didn’t have the ones I needed and took the wrong bets. Tonight, I am feeling so ambitious and can’t wait to see my future, where I will end up and with whom. Tonight, I am having this weird flow of emotions that I might get an F and not be able to graduate by next December but I am going to pray from the deepest of my heart, over and over again to God so he helps me pass and does a miracle for me not to just get my degree but to be the one I always wanted to be.

Such movies give me hope, reason is unclear but it’s just felt, deep inside. Have a goodnight, my dearests.



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