(214) – Help Me, Help You

I: You know you’re not going anywhere with this.

He: you know how addicted I am and for no reason, what should I do? stop? quit? I suppose your already aware how hard it is, aren’t you?

I: look at yourself, you ended up in a place nobody ever expected; your so lonely and sad, it ain’t the life you want, is it?

He: No, it ain’t. I’m too lonely to start over, i’m too sad to move on, and i’m too desperate to quit. they say it’s life, but i think it’s hell on earth.

I: nonsense! your so ambitious to look like this;Ā depressed, sick, tired and confused all the time. Don’t cha remember the old days? you used to be a smart good-looking guy, everyone at the class wanted to be like you. Our friends were so jealous of you.

He: (crying) I hate my life, myself, friends, family… I didn’t choose to be here, to be like this. It all started with one bad habit and now look at this sick and humble person in front of you!

I: so what do you suggest you do?

He: (sobbing) I have no idea!

(213) – The Selfie Craze

Taking a picture of yourself is sometimes good, it makes you feel more confident about how you look because you get more time posing and controlling your facial features. You may as well take many pictures and choose the best one of them to post on your Facebook or share with your friends. Personally, I took a very nice picture of me a couple of years ago. It describes how bad and contemplative I was feeling back then. I shared the picture and got really cool feedback on it.

Well, a few months ago, I started to see the tag selfie on almost every photo.Ā People allover the social media networks are beginning to take more and more pictures of themselves under the name of “selfie”. Up to some extent, it was acceptable but now it’s more of a problem with the ego, I believe. You may take one or two selfies a year, a month but not every day or even hour. It’s becoming overrated. What’s the point of a selfie with everyone you know? with your mom, dad, brothers, friends, pets…? can’t you just imagine yourself holding your phone in a completely stupid and insane positing taking a picture of yourself?

I remember years ago it was still a bit weird to ask others in the street to take pictures of you with friends? yet, it was understandable because some intimate memories we live with should be captured in a photo or more but not selfie. I am not in a place to talk about it effects on the ego and how much of a problem a selfie could be because there are many articles over the web that deal with this subject. however, there is this one thing I’ve just read about which is called The Sellotape Selfie or Sellofie. You wrap your face with a sellotape making fun of yourself then take a Sellofie. This sick sense of humor is strangely going viral on the internet. Weirdly enough, people are loving it.



It’s not that I’m not a fun loving guy or too complicated and backward but this selfie thing has to stop, by hook or by crook.

(212) – What do strangers think of you?

I just watched this astonishing video and thought “I need to re-share it on my blog”. The insanity of putting someone before a huge mirror and let them talk to themselves is just appealing. Then, there are judges who felt the same when they were standing before the mirror but with different opinions this time.

The best word is that we all are amazing, we all think differently. Please watch. šŸ™‚


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(210) – What’s Next?

Almost two years ago, I decided I want to learn English and be a writer. I’ve always had this longing for languages and other cultures. It’s probably the best way to be open-minded and a man of action because you get to know what others have and don’t have then measure it all with you have. Usually, you end up feeling blessed no matter how miserable you think your life was.

Anyway, back in 2012, I started my journey, on my own, learning English, reading blogs and books. The dictionary and I became two close friends, like peas and carrots. My life has turned upside down; English -reading and writing- became my own interest. I started to notice how others speak, what words they use, the variety in their vocabulary and how you can say something in such different ways. On my phone, I have countless phrases and metaphors I’ve heard before, I always try to use them and keep myself reminded if it all.

This simple yet grand change in my life made me want to change my friends, so I started to look for English native speakers over the web and in real life too. I became a Toastmaster but that didn’t last long enough. I’d met a friend who is a native speaker but he didn’t have the intentions to be dedicated and teach me. Even though, I kept going on full power. Today, i can watch many movies without subtitles, I can understand what they say and make sense. I can write a 500 word blog in 20 minutes, maybe less. I can have a conversation with English speakers and be able to deliver my thoughts effectively. I can memorize thousands of different words and phrases and use them correctly in my speech and/or blogs.

Well, the problem is that I still want to be better. My writing style is still not as good. I mean I keep using the same vocabulary every time, I can’t be creative and use my own metaphors, I can’t speak fluently and I just can’t be what exactly I want to be. “Practice makes perfect” but I really can’t find someone to practice with! Language centers here are very expensive, a one month course would cost roughly 300$, even worse, you get to practice with non-native speakers.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, what to do next? how do I find a language partner or someone who wants to exchange languages? what if I don’t? is there any offline/online effective methods to help me improve my speaking and writing abilities? I really am doing my best submerging myself in a good educational atmosphere (is this the right word?) but still need more!

(209) – Energy Conversion

As a mechanical engineering student, one of the most imperative and crucial courses we have to study in details is Energy Conversion. Well, for the second time, I’m studying the same course again this semester. Ironically, all of the doctors have the same beginning, teaching methods and ending. They start with sorting out the sources of energy as “renewable and non-renewable energy” then move to the solar energy as a solution for all energy problems the world’s suffering from in the mean time.

Since education in Jordan is merely indoctrination of theories and thoughts, we, as students, absorb our doctors’ thoughts and never discuss them. Doctors would ask if you have a question, but you’d be embarrassed before all your colleagues if your question is not what the doctor considers “smart”.

Back to our point, energy sources are not renewable and non-renewable, though it might make sense at some point. Today, while reading in our text book which we don’t refer to while studying, I’ve found out that energy has two major sources; energy from outer space and energy that exists in earth, as a part of it. Renewable energy follows Outer Space energy and cannot be considered as a major classification of energy.

It took me a while realizingĀ why we Arabs are still in the bottom of the world! Why people in Europe and the US are making firm steps toward a prosper future despite endless challenges. This is so sad, I wish words could help me more to describe how desperate I am about education in the middle east.

During the lecture of energy conversion, I literally fall asleep and barely open my eyes not because I am too sleep and tired but because it’s very boring and gets on my nerves. It starts at 8 p.m. and finishes at 9.15 p.m. We students don’t speak a word, the doctor keeps talking randomly about what comes to his mind. Another doctorĀ at the Environment Engineering course speaks but does not making any sense or let’s say heĀ MUMBLES, he doesn’t convey any message or thought at all. Yesterday, he was talking about hurricanes, causes and results. I swear to God, he didn’t make any sense. A girl stood up asking him to repeat the last thing he said and the mumbling began. The final straw, when he mentioned that California is located on the SOUTH part of the US, HE KILLED ME!

I always say I don’t like being an engineer but it’s not me the reason, it’s the entire educational system in here. It’s a total mess! Our doctors have no idea at all “WHY”; their positions are merely a matter of PRESTIGE, no dedication or respect for the job. It’s sad, why can nobody hear me???!!!

(208) – A Fresh Start


Today morning, at 5.30 p.m. the sun went up for one more day, dawn faded away giving us one more opportunity to live, to dream and most importantly to work.

Despite the sin, failure, regret and desperation we are given a whole day to repent and start over. I admit I’ve done it before and it never worked out the same way I wanted it but in real life the lesson is repeated until it’s learned. Books did tell me so and only experience made me realize the truth, the hard way. Constant failure does not mean we ought to give in and move back, it has something to do with steering us to the right direction where peace and immortality exist.

“With the new day comes new power and strength” so enjoy your day everybody and let’s just try again, for one more time.

(207) – I Can Not Change!

I cannot change

Every time I say I will change

something happens and I’m back to square one

every time I say I will begin

I will have a principleĀ 

I’m weakened again


I sober up when I’m not fucked up

judge myself andĀ getĀ unstuckĀ 

Back again, sin again

Like I’m talking to an insaneĀ 

Can’t stop, can’t complain

I’m wrong, I’m weak but here I am all over again


Everyday comes and goes

leaving me way too close

I say tomorrow I will change

tomorrow comes, I take it back and desperately lose


Oh, It’s been so long

sleepless, helpless, fake and remorseĀ 

Still I believe things could get worse

yes, that’s of courseĀ 


I sober up when I’m not fucked up

judge myself andĀ getĀ unstuckĀ 


Back again, sin again

Like I’m talking to an insaneĀ 

I truly regret my time

but I will never remain where I am

(206) – Need Your Help




As an international student who wants to study in USA or Canada and “start over”, I’d like to inquire about the best way to search for universities which offer international scholarships. Online research is not an easy task, there are countless websites and ads. Besides, which country do you think is betterĀ for a normal Arab guy with high ambitions and endless dreams? USA or Canada or even Europe? I’m open to your suggestions and I truly appreciate your comments.

P.S. I would rather if you recommend a moderate state/city in terms of financials, “I’m not royal” Lorde – Royal