(179) – Write Down Your Fears

the other day while I was listening to a radio show about how to cope with failure, the air host emphasized on writing down you failures or as I like to call it “fears” on a piece of paper and start to behave in an opposite way like for example facing these fears so they no longer remain fears.

well, I’m a sort of people who apparently have too many fears but in a twisted way; I mean every fear of mine has an excuse that’s why I din’t think I have any when indeed I have a lot. However, If you do follow my blog and is aware of my purpose, then you’d clearly know I haven’t posted anything in over a month now though I had multiple plans to go back to writing ASAP. I have time, content and desire for writing but have this fear of success or commitment to my success. Yes, it is a fear and I’m acting so stupidly about it!

Today, I’m going to try to write my fears down and see if that can help me change in any possible way. Here we go:

1- fear of failure. (so dumb of me)

2- fear of getting any F’s this semester. (i’m not doing anything toward this)

3- fear of commitment. (i do not commit)

4- fear of people.

the list goes on but I don’t have time to think of everything!!!


4 thoughts on “(179) – Write Down Your Fears

  1. I think I have at least those 3 fears in common with you, and I am sure many other people do as well.
    Thankfully, these are fears who can work towards getting over (unlike fear of needles and blood, which I have!).
    Good luck on your grades!

    • well, that’s right; fear of failure is very common, that’s why you should work harder. In my case, i’m just afraid and not working. My mom and dad have done many achievements , I used to think i’d follow them easily but when my turn came, I failed, literally! they had no basis to build up on and they did. I have everything and production is zero.

      I hope you work harder on your fears, one day they’ll be your comfort zone and you’ll develop new fears, this is how it works. Have a good day. 🙂

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