(176) – Turn Over A New Page

Last month I was sick, truly sick, though it was very enlightening and revealing; it opened my eyes to too many things I used to ignore and take for granted. I’ve discovered that I was chasing many wrong things and pursued the wrong path. Contemplation and deep thinking made me realize who I want to be and why. It made me realize why and how I should live. I always believed in priorities and what should come first but only faith could lead me to such a belief and made it possible.

Last month, I was truly hurt, I needed the space, a free mind to think of what got me here. I knew I was sinful and unhappy but the beauty of sin is that you can’t resist it unless something bigger occurs, that was my sickness. i needed to write, to speak up and express these dark thoughts I had but the words never helped me. Even when it came to reading, I couldn’t read anything, either books or blogs. To say the least, that was depressing because I love both writing and reading but it’s okay now.

I am twenty posts behind today, maybe more, so I am going to post two blogs for the next two weeks, read more and discover more in an attempt to catch up the train.


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